The Holiday Recap


Departing from Schiphol Airport, my favorite place in the Netherlands | Lounging on the beach reading my magazines | Gorgeous beach | Beach essentials including my Ray Ban folding wayfarers | Shopping at the Sousse Medina | The family, my dad gets so tan, and he doesn't even come out of the shadow! So unfair | Mr. Mike | Palm trees | Pirate boat in the Sousse harbour, I get seasick so I didn't go on one | Dessert table, my favourite part of the buffet | Tax free buyings (post soon!) | After a hellish flight in the middle of the night my usual Soy cappuccino was so so welcome

I'm back! It was a wonderful eight days spent relaxing in the sun. Tunisia is a lovely country, even though the medina takes some haggling skills and good footing it was a great experience. The beach was so beautifully maintained and we got some good tanning hours in. I have a very busy mind and can't just sit still on a bed looking at the waves all day, so to pass the time in the sun I read a lot of books. My favorites were Easy by Tammara Webber and Where'd You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple. Great books, and the latter had me cracking up a lot. 

I didn't buy that much in Tunisia, except maybe for my duty free shopping spree. I went a little luxury makeup crazy and have added some amazing things to my collection. I will write a more detailed post on my tax free lovelies soon. 

I know I said I'd get Mike to do outfit pictures, but to be honest, I just wanted to eat and chill out. So there aren't any pictures of me in my carefully planned outfits. Shame, but then again, this holiday was meant for me to completely relax and get rid of the stress that built up over the last year. And now I am back home enjoying my last few days of summer break before my third year of journalism starts. 

I'm fully re-generated to get up and go. Juggling a full time education, a blog and a job is going to be a challenge but I am so excited for it!

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  1. So glad you got to relax, sounds like a great holiday!xx