The Tax Free Buys




I suppose I went a little duty free crazy this year. Then again it is not every day that you are faced with gorgeous displays of high end makeup at reduced prices. I had known for quite a while that I was going to stock up when I set foot behind customs. 

While the male folk of my family went to purchase cigarettes and alcohol (however bad for their skin it might be), me and mum headed for the perfumes and cosmetics store. My idea of heaven. As you might know I am firm believer in the gospel of Lisa Eldridge and anything she recommends in her videos promptly makes it to the top of my ever growing wish list. As did the DiorSkin Nude BB cream used in this video.

I thought I was over the whole BB/CC/whatever creams, with every brand putting out a seemingly more advanced version. But when I heard Ms. Eldridge talk about how fantastic the formula is, I was sold without even having tried it. But when smoothing the cream onto my skin and feeling its lush texture and the great finish it provided for my skin I actually squealed. This might just be HG material, girls. The coverage is just right and it looks really natural, your skin is provided with that special glow we all seem to want.

The Chanel Les Beiges powder has been on my radar since the gorgeous ads with Gisele Bundchen were published.This powder is milled incredibly fine. When dusted onto the skin it smooths out the complexion and provides the prettiest natural glow. It's a little too low on coverage for me to wear on its own but it is wonderful when worn in combination with the Dior BB cream.

Those two were purchased before I boarded my flight to Tunisia, and they were worn lovingly every single day since. But on my way back to Europe I still had some of my holiday money left and wanted to look around for something else. That was when I came across the YSL cream blush. It looks so pretty in its glass and gold pot. The vibrant pop of pink on the cheeks is jsut what I need when I want to spice up my everyday look. The cream texture is beautiful and it applies wonderfully. The colour lasts really well and looks great with most makeup. A good investment.

And yes, that is me making excuses for my purchases. How shameful is it that I cannot wait to go duty free shopping again?


  1. LOVE the look of the cream blush! xx

  2. I love tax free shopping. I adore your new stuff :)

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