The Purse Friendly Spritzes



Hydrating spritzes are one of my favourite things to tote around. My skin is dehydrated and dry, which can result in my makeup going patchy during the day. Especially in classrooms or offices, where the air is constantly circulated and treated by either air conditioning or heaters. Hydrating sprays are ideal because they are easy to carry around and don't take a lot of effort in use. A quick spritz of re-hydration, refreshment and makeup dew-ifying, perfection. 

A have a few that I keep on rotation, as I enjoy them all. My first favorite and the most basic one is the La Roche Posay. This brand possesses a certain 'je ne sais quois' as I naturally gravitate towards anything in clean white packaging with the blue label. This hydrating spritz has natural antioxidants which sooth and soften the skin. It is also great to use during hot days when it can act as a relieving cooling spray. 

The Caudalie eau de Beauté is a cult classic. This fragrant spray has many functions, and I'm nearing the last bit of if. The spray is enriched with essential oils and has a delicious minty smell. Incredibly refreshing. It provides a burst of hydration, but the scent is super relaxing as well. Sometimes I just spritz it onto my hands and just breathe it in. 

Last but definitely not least is The Body Shop Vitamin E face mist. This face mist consists mostly of water, glycerin and vitamin E. Vitamin E is an ingredient that has caring, hydrating, and softening properties. It smells lightly of roses, probably because it also has rose water in it. I love how my skin looks after spraying this. Makeup is refreshed and looks perfectly dewy, just the way I like it. 

The best part is that these spritzes are all small size and travel friendly. Making them easy to pop into your handbag or makeup pouch. With the new semester just a day away I'll be packing one of these with me every day to keep my skin hydrated and my makeup looking fresh. 

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