The Review: La Roche Posay Hydreane Extra Riche


One of the most important things in a skincare regimen is adding moisture to the skin. Moisture is what keeps the skin plump and supple and prevents the forming of wrinkles. And we don't want those, do we? I've been looking for the perfect moisturizing formulas for my skin for a while and I feel like the above pictured product is a contender. 

The Hydreane line by La Roche Posay is created for skin types that are sensitive but need a good deal of moisture as well. I did a good bit of doubting when it came to pick a product. There are three different Hydreane moisturizers, light, rich and extra rich. Because my skin gets really dry during the colder months, and I planned to use this only at night I ended up going with the extra rich version. 

The cream comes out thick and without a scent. When applied to the skin it feels quite heavy, not unlike Embryolisse Lait Creme-ConcentrĂ©, but without the nasty mineral oil in it. The cream works great at  moisturizing my skin, and I wake up the next morning with soft skin. My skin is also calmed down if it had any redness in it. 

For me this is a great product, it works wonders on my skin. Although I feel like it might be a little too rich to use during warmer months, the regular rich version would probably be a little better for that. 

My only con for this is the size. The tube is positively tiny, and I don't feel like I will last a long time with just this tube. And that does add up to it being quite expensive product to use on the long haul. So is this the perfect night time moisturizer for me? I'm not sure. The search continues...

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