The Skincare Repurchases



I can be a bit compulsive when it comes to buying new products. So many products have made it into my place under the motto 'it's for the blog', it's quite scandalous. I posses countless red lipsticks, cream blushes and let's not even brush the subject of mascara. However, compulsive purchases almost never occur in the skincare category. I favor doing considerable research on many blogs from girls with similar skin types, and a blessing from the lovely Caroline Hirons is always a plus. But still, there is always something on the list that is bigger, newer and does a better job for my skin. When a product makes it back on my shopping list, it must be truly brilliant.

Seeing any of these products on here shouldn't come as a surprise, for I believe I have mentioned them a myriad of times. But the product that hasn't been mentioned enough is the Clarins Gentle Exfoliator. It was the aforementioned Caroline Hirons that convinced me on the use of an acid based toner in my skin care routine. This lotion has AHA's (in this case salicylic, tartaric and glycolic) that gently exfoliate and resurface the skin. Buffing away dead skin on a daily basis will reveal gorgeous, clear glowing skin that was hiding underneath. Some people have compared it to Pixi's Glow Tonic and P50 exfoliating lotions, but the Clarins has the ingredients in much smaller quantities, making it gentler for your skin and suitable for every day use.

Another Clarins product is on my repurchase list, and I'm on my third bottle of the stuff. I never would have imagined spending the amount of money I paid for this on an eye makeup remover. But ever since trying it when it was on offer, I am hooked and my lashes thank me for it. This makeup remover is the only thing that magically melts off the most waterproof of mascara, think tar like substances. No more rubbing, tugging and scrubbing at those eyes. Using this has allowed my eyelashes to grow longer and fuller, completely transforming my look.

My skin is dry and dehydrated and needs a lot of loving, especially during the colder months. The Origins Drink Up Intensive mask has been a skin savior. Lovely lush and rich, this product is used at least once a week to intensly hydrate my skin. But besides hydrating it also calms irritated skin, diminishing redness and reducing any spots in size considerably. And it smells divine as well.

My chin, my nose and my forehead are where my pores easily ble ock, developing tiny black dots and small raised bumps. The La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo works beautifully on clearing out any blockage while making sure my skin does not dry out. It has a lovely gel texture that sinks into the skin quickly and it looks great underneath makeup, making it suitable for use both day and night.

And those make my current skincare products that I am pretty sure I won't function without. The ones that I happily lay down my money for, time and time again. 

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  1. I have the Clarins toner and the Effaclar Duo on my repurchase list too! I can't get enough of both of them. When I went on holiday last month, my skin was super congested but I slicked a little of the toner on and WOW what a difference! x