The Monday Mani #7



Another week, another manicure. Fall has really broken loose and the country was flooded with rain the past weekend. Quite literally, because lots of farms in the southern part of the country have lost their harvest. This week's color is Essie Limo-scene. A very soft sheer pink color that is extremely feminine, perfectly suited for a bridal manicure as well.  Don't worry, I'm not preparing to walk down the aisle or anything of the sort.

I'm dealing with extreme dryness on my hands and cuticles. Constantly reapplying my favorite hand cream is key to keep them nice and soft. A cuticle balm at night helps protect the skin from looking dry and flaky. I try to wear gloves as often as I can, especially during work when I constantly have my hands in hot water.


1. My motto 2. Leftovers from last year's nail art addiction 3. The accessory of the night, awesome clutch 4. Details from an outfit shoot 5. More details from another outfit post 6. The cover of RUSH magazine, so proud of this product 7. Oh yes, I went there 8. 25 days until Paris! 9. Skincare haulin' 10. Wine is fine.

Working on the layout of my article at the moment. It will be finished before Thursday, I am excited to see Rush edition two becoming a reality.