The Monday Mani #8

ANNY Friends Forever

This week was busy and stressful and filled with change. I took the plunge and had my favorite hair stylist chop about five inches off my mane. It was needed as my ends had been frizzy and terrible because of the way I treated them. My hair is now shoulder length, and I going to grow it out a little longer so that it reaches just on top of my collar bone. It just looks a lot healthier, and it was a good change. 

The color I applied for this week is a new addition to the ever growing collection. ANNY Friends Forever is a gorgeous mysterious gray purple color. It goes on quite nicely and has great shine without the use of any top coat. Two coats makes it perfect and I will get great wear out of it.


1. from where I stand 2. sushi with the mister 3. started reading a new book 4. flashing back to when Iris and I made slutty brownies 5. the chop 6. in the chair at the salon, freshly chopped 7. inspiration leading up to the chop 8. indesign shot of my latest article for Rush #2 9. working on a research presentation with a chai tea latte

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