The New Thing: Boots Botanics Skincare Range





Boots Botanics is a line within Boots' home brand with skincare products that have organic ingredients and are made with the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Since discovering a Boots pharmacy is located about fifteen minutes away from me, I have wanted to try a few of their skincare products. I decided on these two but will probably be popping back in to try some more. Specifically the Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm, which currently wasn't in stock.

I decided on the refreshing eye roll-on because the skin underneath my eyes hasn't been looking spectacular. It's a little dark and sallow and could use a good pick me up. The roller ball is made out of metal which has a cooling effect. The product itself is a thin gel that sinks into the skin surrounding the eye relatively fast. I can see a reduction in puffiness and it does seem brighter, but to comment on any long term effects I will have to use it a longer. I will report back soon. 

I did a little research before popping into Boots and this 100% organic face oil seemed to pop in a lot of reviews of the line. This facial oil is enriched with Rosehip. This ingredient is known for great skin benefits including the fading of scars, curing dry eczema, rehydrating dry dehydrated skin and reduce/prevent wrinkles in the skin. Sounds like a dream in a bottle, doesn't it?

It comes in a great little glass bottle with a little pipette to carefully distribute the product. Between 3-5 drops are needed to spread all over the face. I only use this at night because oil and makeup don't tend to be great friends. During the night this rehydrates and balances out my skin, leaving it nice and radiant the following day. Again, for any long term effects I will be reporting back.

The Boots Botanics range is available exclusively in Boots.

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