The Outfit: Vintage


outfit details
jeans | Zara
top | H&M Trend
blazer | Vintage
boots | Zara 
scarf | Zara





I'm back! Well not fully, but my gorgeous friend Iris graciously let me borrow her old laptop so I didn't feel so closed off from my internet life. And on an even better note, I think my boyfriend is really enjoying helping me out with outfit pictures. He's thinking about light, poses, cropping and editing, we have a little photographer on our hands. 

We stepped outside my comfort zone and drove to an overpass nearby my house. A lot more public than what I am used to. I loved the background and the blue details in the railing. Stepping out of the way for the cars whizzing by was a bit of a challenge, though. 

I've had this vintage blazer in my closet for an incredible amount of time. I fell in love with it when I saw it in a second hand store but didn't wear it all until my mom took out the disgustingly stained lining and swapped it for a bright pink colour. For me it has the perfect amount of bulk, and it goes great with the oversized trend that seems to be going about. Pairing it with a black pair of jeans and a sleek white top seemed like the best thing to do. Let the blazer, with the amazing shoulder pads, do the talking. 

The boots, wow, the boots are not made for walking. But they are too pretty to let them sit in my closet, so I wear them as often as I can. The quilted detail make them so tough, and I adore them. My boyfriend is throwing a huge twenty-first birthday party with two of his best friends, and I was having the hardest time coming up with something to wear, until yesterday. I ordered my outfit and it is now on its way to my house. I hope it fits!

My own laptop will be back early next week, but considering I am busy with midterms and planning my road trip to Paris, blog posts might still be a little slow. I'm glad to be back, though!

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