The Review: L'Oreal Eau De Teint & Rimmel Stay Matte


I'm a bit of a base junkie. I seemed to have fiund my holy grail in the Dior BB Cream, but at that steep price I don't want to stop searching just yet. I recently picked up two foundations from two different brands. The Rimmel Stay Matte, foundation version of the often raved powder. And the L'Oreal Nude Magique Eau De Teint foundation, which is supposed to feel like nothing on the skin. 

I decided to combine the reviews into one post because they are total opposites from each other, and I kind of liked that. So here we go, double whammy!


First up the Rimmel Stay Matte foundation. Described as a featherlight, liquid mousse that blends flawlessly for natural looking all day shine control. I wasn't exactly planning on picking this up. But I had left my foundation at home when I went to stay over at Mike's place and my stash at his place so far only includes skincare. I popped into a drugstore on the way to work and decided I could give this a try. 

On first impression I liked it. The coverage seemed nice in the lighting of the theater's dressing room. But during the day I noticed some tiny pieces of the foundation lying of my face. When I had the chance to look in the mirror I was shocked to see the foundation actually peeling away from my face. Not a good look, I can tell you. 

I didn't want to give up on this foundation too soon, so I tried it again a couple of days later. I properly hydrated my skin and made sure the foundation was properly blended before I passed any judgement. But I am disappointed to admit that this foundation doesn't work for me. 

It is all but featherlight. I could feel it on there, thick and suffocating. And I used a tiny little bit. When applied you can very easily see there is foundation on the skin, almost like a mask. Skin looks flat and boring. I guess I'm just not a matte kind of girl. I like a little glow. 

When further dressed with makeup, as showed in the second picture underneath, it looks a little better. But that took a lot of blush and highlighter. 



The second foundation I am reviewing today is the L'Oreal Nude Magique Eau De Teint foundation. Supposedly thin as water and barely noticeable on the skin. My first impression was 'wow, that's thin'. You need to be really careful distributing this. It runs quickly and you only need a tiny bit to get your whole face. 


Another thing I noticed was the very present scent of alcohol. This stuff is loaded with it. But after using  it a few times, I don't feel like this harms my skin. 

And it does really feel like there is nothing on the skin. The coverage isn't great, but buildable to a light coverage. Your own skin shines through and it only conceals the tiniest of redness. An additional concealer is required to hide any spots. 

Dressed up with some more makeup this product really shines. I love the light coverage, and how natural my face looks when using this. A much bigger hit than the Stay Matte foundation, which has now taken a place in my 'to give away' box. The box that my friends can take stuff from if ut does work for them. 




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