The Outfit: Pink Panther





zara nude heels

photographs by Mike Reinders

trousers | Primark
top | H&M
blazer | H&M
pumps | Zara

Apparently the rule has changed. On Fridays we wear pink. Mean Girls lovers unite! I mentioned in yesterday's post that I am dealing with a little soft pink addiction, and that addiction came to show last time I stopped into Primark. I saw these pants on a rack and all but squealed when I realised they still had them in my size. I had some issues deciding what to pair these awesome pants with, and decided to keep it soft and feminine with light colors. H&M trend top that I am still madly in love with, and a blazer that may or may not have been borrowed from my mother's closet. 

This weekend isn't exactly filled with many exciting things. I have a Sunday morning shift at work and I am working on my articles for the latest magazine we're doing at school. At the end of the weekend I am going to see the new movie called 'The Counselor' with Javier Bardem and Cameron Diaz, I hope it's good!

By the way, Mike came up with the extremely cheesy post title. Gorgeous boy.


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