The Best Beauty Bits Of 2013: Nail Polish


I put pen to paper and wrote up a list of the best of the best of the year. From makeup to nail polish to the most talked about subject of the year, skincare. Over the next three days every day I'll publish a post with my favorite products of the previous year.

Nail polish is one of my most important accessories. I don't wear a lot of jewelry, maybe a statement necklace or a simple bangle from time to time. But the color on my nails is the thing that always has to compliment What I am wearing. It's a good thing then that I pretty much only wear black and white. I'll stop beating around the bush and tell you which polishes ruled my world in 2013.

From the picture you can pretty much conclude that one brand rules my world on the nail polish front. Essie has the best in all categories. Great cremes, shimmers, glitters, you name it. And the brush that comes with their drugstore line is just the perfect width. It covers the nail with gorgeous perfection. 

The far left color is Penny Talk, from a limited edition collection from 2012, and it will probably pop up in favorites until the last final drop of it has been put on my nails. It has a gorgeous foil rose gold finish that just looks put together at all times. It is my go to party manicure. Next to that is the dark blue, almost black, shade from the most recent collection. It's ridiculously long name After School Boy Blazer doesn't really make sense but the shade is autumn and winter perfection. I've been wearing it on my nails for probably five weeks now. 

The light feminine pink is called Sugar Daddy and it's the shade I go to when I don't know what to put on. It is subtle, it is gorgeous and it just looks great with everything. Gold jewelry, silver, rose gold, anything compliments this uber girly shade. Another neutral polish from Essie that I am very happy that I picked up is Chinchilly. It's taupe and wonderful. It's neutral and dark enough to be mysterious but not too dark. It's a professional put together shade and it's probably what I go to if I need to be somewhere and act professional. 

One shade from this year's favorites that isn't created by the wonderful Essie Weingarten but by the brains behind bourjois (talk about alitteration, huh) is the varnish that ruled my summer. It's called Turqoise Block and it's bright, it's summery and it looks great against a tan. My fingers and toes sported this color in the warmer months and I want the weather to warm up again so I can start rocking this shade with a lovely little white dress.

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