The Things I Got For Christmas + My Birthday




Honestly, I didn't think I was going to put up this post. But after seeing so many of my fellow bloggers posting their links in the twitter chat last night I felt like maybe you would like to see what I got for Christmas. A little disclaimer, this is definitely not to brag or anything like that. I am extremely thankful for all that I have received over the holiday period. 

We do a secret santa with my family every year where we buy the drawn person items off their wish list up to about thirty-five euros. And then you buy the other members of the family a small gift as well. My secret santa got me some amazing things. I got the Real Techniques Core Collection brush set, some small thin silver rings, a canvas tote bag with a list of my favorite things.

Besides that my mom and dad got me Zara giftcards that will be put to good use in their sale and my boyfriend bought me a clock. Which is kind of an inside joke. Whenever he sleeps over he is extremely annoyed by the ticking sound my clock made. And I say made because he actually managed to break my old one. I kept complaining to him about missing a clock in my room, so he bought me a new one. 

The last present, and admittedly the most amazing one, is a new lens for my camera. I'd been in the market for something nicer because the kit lens that came with my Nikon D3100 is nice, but you can get much better pictures with a better lens. For my birthday I asked all my friends and family to give me money so I could put it towards the 'new lens fund' and I managed to get enough to buy it. I ended up going for the Nikkor AF-S 50mm 1.8f. I'll do a more in-depth post on this lens and its features in the New Year, because I am still trying to get used to shooting with a prime lens. 

That's it, those are the amazing things I got for Christmas and my birthday this year. I love every single thing and I want to thank all the wonderful people that have been there for me. Happy New Year everybody!


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