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Guy Bourdin One Night Stand

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Gina Tricot Sweater

Copenhagen was a fantastic whirlwind experience. Doing a world city in just nine hours is a challenge, but I guess it was a succes. I had fun and had a great time with one of my best friends. The Copenhagen photo diary will be up tomorrow, but for today I have a little roundup of what I purchased in this beautiful Scandinavian city.

This city has the longest pedestrian street in Europe, from start to finish filled with gorgeous shops, sounds like a dream for a shop-happy girl like me. When we first arrived in Copenhagen we walked up the street and took in what it all had to offer. I noticed a couple of stores I've heard quite a bit about but never had been able to see in person, like Topshop and Gina Tricot.

Whilst I liked a lot of the clothes in Topshop I wasn't too happy with their prices, so I decided to stick to their beauty section. Having heard a lot about the lip crayons I picked up three shades. Royal, Powder Room and Clueless. All matte and gorgeous and probably going to be among my favorites this holiday season. Expect a full review before the weekend is over. 

Yes girls, you are seeing it. The NARS Guy Bourdin limited edition One Night Stand palette. This gorgeous thing has been sold out and unavailable for weeks, and I have been so sad that I didn't get my hands on it. Until I walked into the Sephora in Copenhagen and saw it standing there. Not just one. No. An entire shelf full of this amazing palette. It's so versatile and I might even be saying that I don't need anything else ever again. Just don't hold me to that.

Tromborg is a brand originated in Copenhagen. I had already heard quite a bit about this brand and I was curious to see it on shelf. And it was positively everywhere. I decided to pick up their lip cure as it was described as 'instant help for smooth and soft lips', and that pretty much sells me every time. I used it right after I bought it and it really was like instant relief. My lips feel great and soft and no flaky bits can be found anywhere on my pucker. I love it.

I have to be honest, the thing that lured me into the Gina Tricot store was their window display. It practically screamed glitter overload. And at this time of year I cave for anything glitter. Quite surprisingly, I didn't end up getting any glitter items, trust me I tried on a lot of them. I ended up with a gorgeous navy knitted sweater that feels as soft as a baby's bum. And it was cheap, which is always a plus.

My balance is weeping, but I had a wonderful time in Copenhagen. 


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