The Mani Month: Day Fourteen

Ivory Queen

Ivory Queen swatch

Ciaté really knows how to tempt a beauty lover into buying more. They made an advent calendar filled with nail polish, which honestly is the best idea ever. During the twenty four days leading up to Christmas I'll be opening up a square each day and showing you which Ciaté nail polish is hiding behind it.

Ten more days people, and then it's Christmas Eve and my birthday and sadly the end of the Ciaté Advent Calendar. Can't they do one for year round? I'd like a surprise color every day. Anyone with me on that?

For today I found the pretty nude polish entitled 'Ivory Queen'. Quite an appropriate name because of the teeny tiny gold flecks that are infused into this otherwise ordinary nude polish. The varnish looks so pretty in the bottle but sadly you can hardly find the gold flecks after the polish has dried. Maybe a shiny top coat will bring them back out.

Besides that this is still a gorgeous nude varnish. It has a slight pink tint to it which usually means it translates well onto most skin tones. I always go for nude shades with a bit of pink in them because they tend to look better on my nails.

I'm really counting down the days to Christmas now, I can't believe this year has flown by so fast.


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