The Mani Month: Day Sixteen


Ciaté really knows how to tempt a beauty lover into buying more. They made an advent calendar filled with nail polish, which honestly is the best idea ever. During the twenty four days leading up to Christmas I'll be opening up a square each day and showing you which Ciaté nail polish is hiding behind it.

Whoops, a little later than usual and sadly no swatch today. It was a super hectic day at uni along with unscheduled lectures that ran for hours and creating the style book for the newest and sadly last magazine. We're creating a travel magazine for people on a budget and it's called Wanderlust. Because even budgets won't keep you from seeing all the gorgeous places the world has to offer.

The color behind the sixteenth square is called Chinchilla. A muted blueish gray color. It looks a little like th Essie color Maximillian Strasse Her from a previous limited edition. I didn't get to try this onto my nails because my daylight was dying and I really wanted to get the post up.

I imagine this will be a two coat polish, looking great with silver jewelry and long nails. I definitely want to try it on nails soon, so keep an eye on my instagram account. Eight days until Christmas, I can't wait.


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