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The app I check the most throughout the day is definitely Instagram. I tap the little camera icon more often than I should, sometimes a few times in just one minute. Hey, you don't know when your favorite instagrammer has uploaded the most gorgeous snapshot. My favorite type of account is the account with lots and lots of beauty centered posts. Carefully laid out lipsticks, the latest collections, models in chairs getting their makeup done backstage before a major fashion show. I love 'em. And the following are my favorite accounts to date.


Anna from my favorite blog Vivianna does Makeup has the 'beautiful mess' down to a science. Her products always look artfully splayed out, and she is a total enabler when it comes to beauty items. I could name ten things that I bought because of her. (@viviannamakeup)


Into the Gloss is one of the only websites I regularly check that isn't a beauty blog. I especially love their recurring top shelf category. Snooping into people's handbags and medicine cabinets is so much easier over the internet than in real life. (@intothegloss)

Cult Beauty

The web shop that has caused a mile long wishlist to be written, Cult Beauty knows me too well. Their feed is filled with the latest releases, the products that the owners are loving, and desk porn. I should really stop checking their feed, I'm going broke. (@cultbeauty)


The biggest beauty magazine in the world, Allure, has a truly drool worthy collection of images. I mean, do you see those Clinique blushes. Get in my stash now! Backstage photos, new releases, the prettiest makeup on for photoshoots. They have it all! (@allure_magazine)


Beauty Editor of Glamour Magazine, i.e. my dream job, Alessandra Steinherr has a gorgeous collection of snapshots. I love seeing what products she uses daily, what article or feature she is working on, or the things she is loving in general. She made the Tromborg lip balm purchase happen, and judging how gr that one worked out for me, I should listen to her more often. (@alexsteinherr)

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