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Cheers to the weekend, I'll drink (water) to that! I spent most of the week at home, like the last three weeks, but after the weekend I'll be going to school again, working on my backlog and the blog at the same time. I've been keeping up with the one post a day schedule and I'm really glad that's going so well. I also have a meeting with the orthopedic surgeon on Monday, so I'll finally start on my road back to recovery.

I mentioned it on Twitter this week, but I can easily listen to Isabelle Bellis telling me how to clean my face all day. There is something about her thick French accent that makes me wish my parents lived a few hundred kilometers south. But what I love even more is the effect her cleansing routine has on my face. Something she, and therefor I do too, uses throughout her cleansing routine is the Eau Thermale from skin care geniuses La Roche Posay. It refreshes and soothes and neutralizes the bad stuff from tap water.

I can almost hear you say it, 'oh no, not that palette again'. Supposedly sold out forever and only available on eBay for sky-high prices, the Nars One Night Stand palette is torturing beauty lovers across the globe. But this favorites isn't about the entire palette, even if it great, it's about one color of the palette. Goulue. A medium pink with subtle golden shimmer. It's buttery soft and amazingly pigmented. I've worn it every single day this week. I'm not even kidding, the Stila palette didn't even come into place once this week.

Raved about earlier this week, the Lush Brazened Honey fresh face mask magically cleared up a breakout that was ruining my face, and I've used it as a ten minute spot treatment from then on. I love it, it's really great, get it. I blogged about this hand cream yesterday. And even though I showed you that I own quite a bit a hand creams, the L'Occitane Almond hand cream has been in my bag every single day since I bought it.

Spending time by myself at home gives me a lot of time staring at my Muji. But even with all those pretty lipsticks lined up, the one I kept reaching for is the Topshop lip crayon in Clueless. The fact that I hold my head to the side and say 'As if' whenever I finish applying it may have played a part in it.

What are the products you have been loving this week? Or any must try items?


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