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Brazened Honey


There is one brand in beauty blogger land that seems to make everybody tick. Whether it’s because of their natural ingredients, the fact that their products are handmade or that you can smell the store from a mile away, Lush is popular. And I haven’t really been on the bandwagon because their stores aren’t exactly near me, but when I went shopping with a good friend in Utrecht last week I stumbled upon the store and dove in for some much needed browsing.

Naturally browsing led to buying, as always, and I walked out of the store carrying a brown paper bag filled with fresh face masks. The masks are handmade and filled with fresh fruits, essential oils and so much more goodness. They’re quite different in texture than the masks I usually use. They’re much grittier and nothing like the smooth creams that take up my skin care basket.

I chose Oatifix and Brazened Honey, also quite different in effect. One soothes dry and flakey skin using oatmeal and bananas while the other gives the skin a good detox and gives it a good deep cleanse. I used them both before over the weekend to give you a proper review of the masks.

First up is Brazened Honey. This has Kaolin clay that digs down deep into the pores and cleans them out. The recipe is apparently based on traditional Indian Ayurvedic rituals, with spices and fruit acids to warm the skin and brighten it. I was a little worried that this might be a bit too intense, but my sensitive skin handled it well. Friday night my skin was spotted and a bit irritated but I used this and the following morning all my spots were gone. I call that a really good result, ladies.

Oatifix is made with bananas, oatmeal, almonds and so much more. The almond sloughs away rough dry skin while the banana and oatmeal nurture your skin. The result is a gorgeously soft and moisturized face, with that lustful glow everybody wants. My skin just felt happy after using it.

These masks need to be refrigerated because of their fresh ingredients and that might make them a little hard to apply when they’re cold. My advice is to scoop out the needed amount and let it sit in your hand for a minute or two. The warmth from your skin will heat the product and make it much easier to apply.

The verdict on these two fresh face masks, they work. They’re great alternatives to masks loaded with chemicals. The thing I don’t like though, is there limited shelf life. Their expiration date is only a month after it’s been made. And I hardly think I’ll finish the tubs in a month.


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