The Monday Manicure #12

Essie Master Plan 02

Essie Master Plan 01

I was out doing some grocery shopping with the mister when I told him I wanted to step into the drugstore to see if they had 'Ballet Slippers' in. The prettiest light feminine pink that of course I don't own anything like. That's a blatant lie, by the way. But sadly, that wasn't in, so he sighed and said 'well, another time then'. To which I replied 'hell no, I'll just get another one'. After more than a year he's still not familiar to the extent of my shopping addiction. I digress.

The color I ended up picking was Master Plan. This has nothing to do with my blog crush Suzie from Hello October mentioning this a couple of times on her blog lately, I swear. This color is a gorgeous grey color, with just a little tinge of beige to it it. It makes the reddish tones in my skin stand out a little more, which I really like. It's chic, I dig it.

The week was pretty uneventful. I created a blog calendar for myself that I am trying to keep up with. Posting every day is a challenge but I'm liking that I can put out a regular stream of content. Going to Utrecht to see a friend was a really nice experience, we had loads of fun and bought some really great stuff. Sadly there wasn't a Style Diary this Sunday, but Mike and I are working hard on making that happen next week. I want to post at least one outfit a week. This is after all a beauty and fashion blog.

Lots of new posts coming this week, so stay tuned, lovely people!


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