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In all honesty, I'm a nerd at heart. I have an incredible love for words. I'm constantly reading a new book, telling people all about it, all the while trying to convince the boyfriend that books are awesome. Which he doesn't buy, by the way. He's more of a moving image guy. There are a few favorite books in my collection that I go to time and time again. And they fall into different categories.

The Popular Read: Alexa Chung - IT
Every blogger out there seems to have this book, which of course means that I wanted it as well. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. And I guess I was secretly hoping that reading Miss Chung's words would provide some of her ultimate cool for me. I love how she tells about her childhood and what formed her into the woman she is today. From her style influences to beautiful quotes about heartbreak. I think this is a must read for all girls that love fashion and beauty.

The Confusing Read: Chuck Palahniuk - INVISIBLE MONSTERS
A book about a girl who has everything she ever wanted, gorgeous boyfriend, modelling career and a loyal best friend. But she isn't happy so she blows her face off. She then starts to hide behind hats and veils and becomes an 'invisible monster'. She takes up with Brandi Alexander, Queen Supreme. Only one operation away from becoming an actual woman. This book takes you from one extent to the other, leaving you reeling in its wake. I was thirteen when I first read it and because English isn't my first language it took me half the book to realize that Brandi was a drag queen. Now I pick it up every time I want an eclectic read. It's one of my favorite stories.

The Funny Read: Karyn Bosnak - 20 TIMES A LADY
An adorable tale of a woman who convinced herself that she can't have sex with more than twenty men before she finds 'the one'. When waking up next to her disgusting boss the night after he fired her she goes on a quest past all her former lovers to find that mythical one. Because surely he is hiding around there somewhere. Incredibly funny read that is perfect for a beach or relaxing in bed with a scented candle. This was also adapted into a movie called What's Your Number?

The Touching Read: David Levithan - THE REALM OF POSSIBILITY
This isn't exactly your typical novel or story. It's a collection of interrelated monologues. You could say they were poems, but they're definitely free verse. As you go deeper and deeper into the book you start to see the links between the monologue you're reading and one that came by earlier. It's a beautiful collection of tales from young people. From a girl battling anorexia to a young gay couple celebrating their anniversary to a young woman losing her mother to illness. I am not ashamed to say that this book moved me to tears more than once. It's a real recommendation.

You might wonder why my iPad is also pictured. As much as I love books of which I can flip the pages and see where my teardrops smudged the ink (I'm a real cry baby when it comes to books) technology has made reading a lot easier for me. My iPad library is chock-full of books. From popular series like Divergent and The Hunger Games to really scary psycho thrillers like Mo Hayder's Poppet. You can flip through books like pictures and it remembers on which page you were. It's a wonderful thing that has really changed my reading habits. I always have a book with me now, wherever I go.


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