The Monday Manicure #11

Essie Twin Sweater Set Swatch 2

Essie Twin Sweater Set Swatcg

Essie Twin Sweater Set

So, it's another new week, eh? I can't believe that January is already nearly halfway done. I hope this year doesn't go as fast as the last one did. This week wasn't that eventful. My boyfriend is having a 'guys week' in Malta. Lucky bastard. But he'll be back tomorrow and then I can bother him with all my ramblings.

This week's color is one I happened to find at the back of an Essie display with a delightful little sticker saying fifty percent off. My second favorite three word sentence. It is called 'Twin Sweater Set' and it's a little different from my usual Essie formula preference. This is somewhere between a creme and a jelly formula. Result? Beautiful color with an amazing shine.

What I like most about it is that it isn't the usual in your face bright red nail polish. It even has some hints of magenta. Overall it's a classic red that looks beautiful on most nail shapes and skin colors. Speaking about that, I'm back to pointy nails. This time with a slightly more rounded tip. I love how long and slim this makes my fingers look.


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