The Weekly Favorites #8

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To be honest, I am glad this week is over. I was an emotial wreck for the majority of it, consequence of hearing your knee is extremely damaged and the only option is to have surgery. This is also the reason why nothing was posted yesterday as I didn't get a chance to schedule a post earlier this week. But as determined I am to recover from this blow, I am also extremely determined to not let the troubles with my knee ruin my life any further. So, in true Friday tradition, here are the five favorite products from this week. My aim for anything was to not make me look like I had been crying all the time. Light infusing products were a must and pictured up top are five products that all aim to illuminate skin and make it look glowing and healthy.

Hydraluron was a life savior because I misbehaved a little and had too much wine, which resulted in dry lackluster skin that was in need of a good burst of hydration. Layering hydraluron underneath my daytime moisturizer helps hydrate my skin throughout the day and leaves it nice and plump. Another serum that I use during the daytime is the Vichy Idéalia Life Serum. I used this off and on for a while but this week in came in handy to get rid of the damage done by that lovely pinot grigio. It not only hydrates and makes you look well rested it also refines pores and smooths out the complexion. And the scent this has is just amazing.

To add a little bit of extra glow to my skin I use the MAC cream color base in Pearl on the high points of my face. My cheekbones, brow bones and just a tiny bit on the cupid's bow. And my go to base every single day of the week was definitely the Vichy Idéalia BB cream. I won't go into too much detail as its review will be online tomorrow, but it is seriously amazing.

Having trouble sleeping resulted in dry spots beneath my eyes and quite obvious dark patches as well. My usual Bourjois concealer doesn't really work out with dry skin so I reached for the L'Oreal Lumi Magique Lightening Touch concealer a lot. It's hydrating enough not to cling to dry patches and it just catches the light beautifully. I just look so much more awake when I use this, and it's supposedly a dupe for the YSL Touche Éclat.

Those were the things I used most last week, and reached for a lot. What is the product that you reached for most in the last couple of days?


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