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I have a confession to make. I spend way too much money on things I really don't need. And lately that problem has shifted towards more high end products. Whether it is makeup, shoes or in this case, clutches. I splurged and got myself not one, but two Whistles clutches. Described by many as the perfect every day pouches, very suitable for keeping makeup and essentials when you're on the go. To me they looked like the ideal every day accessory. Minimal and functional, yet easily mixed and matched with my predominantly black and white wardrobe.

As a birthday gift to myself (yes I know I bought myself a lot of presents) I bought a Whistles leather croc clutch as a high quality makeup bag that I wouldn't just use once and then toss on the ever growing pile. And when it was delivered the next day, I fell in love. The quality is amazing, it's sturdy and incredibly pretty. I store my everyday makeup essentials in here when I am away from the house and sometimes I even take it out with me to evening and use it as a small clutch.

But of course, I wasn't satisfied yet. I saw the gorgeous navy patent pouch that Suzie from Hello October has. I think I fell for it when I saw it on her blog for the first time. And I postponed it for a while, but eventually I bit the bullet and went searching for it myself. Luckily there's a large department store in the Netherlands that started carrying the brand last November. Instead of just going for the clutch I got the Rivington navy blue metallic chain bag. The metallic blue is the perfect off set to my all black outfits, and I have been using it as a simple bag during the day. When I just have a meeting, am running errands or just popping into town for a quick browse of the shops.

When looking for the links to the latter bag I realized that it was difficult to find. And when I did find it, I saw that I already purchased it at a fifty euro discount. I think I can safely say that this one is disappearing from the collection. Which is sad, because it's gorgeous and all people deserve a lovely simple bag like this, but I do like that I got it at fifty euros off. I don't think I could've gotten it across my chest if it was over a hundred euros.

I am so happy with my Whistles clutches. 
But I do need to promise myself that I won't buy any bags for at least a few months. 

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