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Lip Edit

Whether I carry a tote that can fit a small human being or a clutch that barely fits the necessities, you can always count on me carrying at least one thing. And that’s a lip balm. I get dry and sore lips pretty easily and there is only one way to prevent that, with copious amounts of hydration. Of course, in the spirit of beauty blogging it just wouldn’t be right if I were to own just one lip balm. No I own a collection of assorted balms, creams, gels and other products of the like and this edit shows you which ones I reach for most.

Picked up in Copenhagen, and sadly only available in Scandinavia, is the Tromborg Lip Cure. The formula of this is unlike any other I have ever tried. It feels almost like a solid texture upon first touch, but when you smooth it over your pout it turns into an instantly hydrating cream. It’s barely noticeable but it lives up to its promise. I hope I go back to Denmark soon so I can pick up a backup of this wonderful product.

The next one I’m mentioning is definitely one of the more ‘hyped’ products. The little round pots of soft goodness have been seen all over the web. Super simple packaging with their colorful lids but filled with the perfect formula. It’s not a balm nor a cream, the Korres Lip Butter in Jasmine is just what it promises to be, a lovely butter. It’s deeply moisturizing and has a smooth texture. The jasmine kind has a sweet freshly baked goods kind of smell and while the pigmentation might be strong, it makes my naturally pigmented lips just a little paler. Just the way I like it. I may or may not be eyeing up some of its sister shades…

Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream is a cult product. Praised by countless makeup artists and beauty industry initiates. This thick, fragrant balm has an infinite amount of uses. But while I don’t use it as a hand cream, highlighter or overnight healer of knee scrapes (that’s where the name comes from, apparently) it is great as the ultimate lip recovery.

I’m not going to lie, I detest the smell of this stuff. As does the mister, he often says ‘Oh you’re not wearing that stuff again, aren’t you’ when I apply it before bed. But it just works so well. I apply a thick layer of this when my lips are feeling particularly worse for wear and when I wake up my lips are no longer chapped plus they’re nice and plump. The stuff is perfect. When I run out of the miniature tube I own now I’m going to give that fragrance free version a go.

No matter how often you apply balms or creams, sometimes you just can’t help your lips getting chapped. When that happens I reach out to my Lush Lip Scrub, I have the Popcorn kind. This gentle scrub removes all the excess dry and dead skin but also makes sure that your lips don’t become too sore and stripped. Plus it says you have to lick it off. Yummy salty caramel flavored products that do wonders for your lips, sign me up.


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