The Weekly Favorites: Bed Ridden Edition

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A slightly different weekly favorite products this week. I'm only leaving the house for trips to the physical therapist and I spend the majority of the time on the couch watching Breaking Bad. The only makeup that has touched my face is a little bit of mascara to make me look just slightly more alive. Recovering from an ACL reconstruction surgery is no picnic, I'm telling you.

My focus these days has shifted towards skincare as my skin is acting up a little. It could be one of the many side effects of general anesthesia, or the lack of daylight, or the vast amount of candy that people keep bringing me. But I'm oilier and spottier than I usually am.

I've been trying a new face cleanser in the AM and PM and it's the REN Evercalm Gentle Cleansing Gel. This formula is doing great things for my skin while managing to leave it feeling soft and nourished. A more detailed review will be published in time.

In the mornings I tone my face with the Caudalie Eau de Beauté, as it gets the blood flowing to the surface, reduces redness and makes me look more alive overall. Plus, I'm having a bit of a cold and the scent this has helps open up my sinuses.

At night I cleanse, spray tone with a LRP product and then I apply my eye cream. I've been trialing the Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with avocado. It's quite rich and nourishing, making it perfect to use in your nighttime routine. I don't use it in the morning, as I prefer something that has more of a refreshing effect. Since using this the dry spots in the outer corners of my eyes have disappeared and the skin around my eyes looks generally more plumped and healthy. I love this eye cream.

I finish my evening routine by massaging in my favorite serum, the Estee Lauder ANR, synchronized recovery complex II. This powerful serum boosts my skin with hyaluronic acid and explained very simply, just takes the rubbish out when I'm asleep. When I use it regularly my skin just looks better. I'm really glad I started using this.

My acrylic nails needed to be removed before I went into surgery, because they clamp the heart rate monitor on one of your fingers and it can't get a proper reading if there is a thick plastic shield over your nail. Since removing them my actual nails have been terrible. Which is very normal as I've been keeping them from oxygen for ages. To nurse my natural nails back to health I've started the OPI Nail Envy treatment. Applying a fresh coat often, this is strengthening my nails and taking care of them while new, healthy nails grow back. I'm staying away from the acrylics for a while, to be sure they regain their natural strength.


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