The Monday Manicure #14

American Apparel Nail Polish

I have a weakness for anything that looks pretty. You could call it the magpie complex if you want, but last week when I was in Amsterdam with a friend we stopped by the American Apparel and I fell head over heels for the large rack of nail varnishes. Every color imaginable and so many great glitter combinations. I couldn't keep myself from snatching up a few.

Two of these were actually necessary (she says to convince herself) because I ran out of both my black and my matte top coat. I really appreciate the way these are designed. Long, slim and sleek bottles with minimal writing. They look great standing next to each other on a shelf, or the way I like most, on an acrylic tray.

I decided against doing a manicure this week as my acrylic nails have grown out incredibly and they're not getting removed until coming Wednesday, and now they look terrible. I'm not getting new ones this month as I am not allowed to wear them during my knee surgery, so my nails are probably going to look like a giant mess for a while. But as always, I'll try to make it work.

I love the shades and I swatched the black one in store quickly and it's a gorgeous one coat opaque but super shiny black polish. I'm going to get tons of use out of this one. The grey shade is beautiful and mysterious, just how I like it. And a matte top coat is an essential in my book.

I'm having some trouble with my laptop but I hope to replace it before the week is over, so I should be getting back to regular posting pretty soon! Sorry for any inconvenience.


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