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LRP Anthelios and Clinique City Block SHeer 02

LRP Anthelios and Clinique City Block SHeer

Looking at the weather forecast for the coming week I am seeing sunny days, higher temperatures and hardly any chances of precipitation. Girls, spring is most definitely on its way. Now I know sun protection is probably one of the least sexy subjects within the cosmetics world, but it’s an important one. Protecting your precious skin from the sun’s harmful UV-rays comes with a lot of benefits. Besides saving you from a higher chance of developing skin cancer, it can also prevent the development of skin discoloration and it helps reduce blotchiness. Plus people that spend a lot of time in the sun unprotected age up to 80% faster. Yes you read that right, eighty flipping percent.

After a lot of trial and error I’ve fallen for two sunscreens aimed specifically for the face, and they each have their unique selling points.Let's dive right in.

First up is the City Block Sheer SPF 25 from Clinique. This sunblock has been designed to be worn by itself or underneath your makeup. It has a slight tint to it but you shouldn’t be put off as it doesn’t actually leave any color on the skin, maybe just a little bit of extra glow. The best part of this is that it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin at all, you can barely feel it, while most of the SPF’s I have tested feel thick and heavy.

Besides protecting from the sun, City Block also protects you from, well, the city. The dirt, grime, smog, pollution that floats around all day. It’s oil free so it won’t turn you into a glowworm and I haven’t noticed any flashbacks in photography either. It’s the perfect everyday sun protectant for your face.

But wearing an SPF of 25 on holiday or during the stronger summer days simply doesn’t cut it. I also have some redhead genes so I burn quite easily, something that has to be prevented. That’s where the La Roche Posay Anthelios XL SPF 50+ Extreme Tinted Fluid comes in. It doesn’t just win the prize for longest product name ever, it is also my favorite sunscreen ever. As it says it’s an extremely fluid product, it is literally undetectable once on the skin. It has the slightest tint that wasn’t extremely noticeable on my pale skin.

It has a very high SPF and it protects you even in the strongest sun. I took it with me to Tunesia last summer and I didn’t burn once, something very unusual for me. It’s also extremely waterproof so no need to reapply ever single time you take a dip in the refreshing ocean. It’s that must-have barrier between your skin and those lovely, but dangerous rays.

So stop pretending like you don’t need it. If you don’t want to age a lot faster than people who regularly use a sun block, you’re going to have to start applying SPF. Do you wear a sunblock regularly, let me know!


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