The Amsterdam Mini Haul


So I went to Amsterdam yesterday because I just needed to get away from the rut I was in. The weather has taken a turn for the worse, summer is almost over and let’s not even start to think about school starting in just a few weeks. A small distraction in the form of a shopping trip was exactly what I needed. I grabbed my bag, my umbrella and some company and headed for my country's capital.

I love Amsterdam to bits, the architecture, the feel of it and all the lovely stores that aren’t available in my own city. I specifically love the 9 Streets. A collection of streets that are just a short walk away from the main (and incredibily busy) shopping streets. This collection of streets is littered with boutiques, adorable restaurants, coffeeshops (the ones that actually serve coffee) and galleries. My favorite has got to be the Runstraat, because it houses my favorite store, Skins Cosmetics.

Stocked to the brim with gorgeous beauty products, perfumes, skincare and makeup, I can litterelaly spend hours inside this store. Of course I wouldn’t subject my company to this horror so I only went in for a little while and came out with two lovely new additions to my collection.

Always a sucker for a gorgeous glow I couldn’t resist buying the RMS Beauty Living Luminizer. I have passed on getting it for far too long but since I’ve hit pan on both of my MAC Cream Color Bases it was justified, if only just a tiny bit.

I am pretty sure I have a weakness for Aesop. I can never seem to leave the store without one of their products. Whether it’s the pleasant experiences I have had with every single thing I have tried from them, the beautiful apothecary packaging or their lovely scents. I couldn’t let the Parsley Seed Facial Cleanser sit on the shelf.

All in all I think I behaved myself quite well, I certainly could have bought a lot more. Guess I’ll just have to go back soon.


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