The New Frames

Burberry Eyewear 1

Burberry Eyewear

Ever walked into a store, looked at a display and just thought ‘I need to have that’? About two months ago I went into my favorite optical boutique to readjust my old glasses and promptly fell in love with some new frames. I couldn’t get them out of my head and after some of my usual reasoning I was convinced that I absolutlely needed some new glasses. Call it a style reboot.

The new frames are by Burberry and they are so lovely. They’re really light, which is always nice when it comes to larger glasses. I’m nearsighted and have quite a strong prescription, but my optician managed to fit my thick glasses into the thin frame beautifully, I’m so happy with them.

The model number is BE 2128 and I have the shade pink, although I definitely think it is more of a blush beige type of shade.

They’re quite different from what I usually wear, for I have always worn black or tortoise frames. These are much softer and more feminine in my face. I think they make me look a little more mature, and I feel like I needed that. A lot of things have changed in my life recently and sometimes you just need to take some time and reboot. Start over fresh with a blank page.

Oh and I dyed my hair bright red as well.

With the new frames


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