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The days of me wearing tons of makeup are long gone. Before I didn’t leave the house without copious amounts of foundation, layers of concealer, lashings of lashes and a thick wing of black eyeliner. Right now it’s a miracle if I even bother putting the stuff on at all. Don’t get me wrong, I still love makeup and enjoy wearing it, I’m just a lot more comfortable with myself that I don’t feel the need to hide my natural face all the time. Call it growing up or becoming more confident, I prefer an easy barefaced look over a full face of makeup any day.

Not so secret fact about me, I love the Diorskin Nude BB Cream. I first got it last year when I was headed off to Tunisia and have not looked back since. I have tried other bases (like this one from Jouer or the most recent addition from Estee Lauder) but nothing compares to this beauty. It’s easy, it’s beautiful, it’s long lasting and the best part is it’s easy. Or did I already say that? The main reason this wins out from any other lightweight base is because of the lack of effort I need to put into applying this. I don’t even need a brush because this base looks it best when applied with fingers.

The glow it gives is beautiful and natural on its own, but I love to add just a little more. I’ve recently started using the RMS Beauty Living Luminzer and it’s absolutely gorgeous. This little pot of gold is just the prettiest highlighter I have ever seen and when I saw that it only contained four ingredients I was amazed. It looks quite stark but I promise you, none of that will show on the face. It’s subtle and everything a good highlighter is supposed to be. Read: no shimmer or glitter to be detected, just sheen.

To finish off this easy does it kind of face is just a subtle pinch of my favorite lash curler and a swipe or two of the Sisley Phyto Mascara Ultra Stretch, hello long and luscious lashes. And that’s it, that’s all I will put on my face on a daily basis. Or during the weekend, or on date nights. It’s all I ever want to wear, really.


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