The Best Dressed at The 2015 Critics Choice Awards

Critics Choice Awards Best Dressed 1

Critics Choice Awards Best Dressed 2

Another awards show, another best dressed post. I can't help it, I love pretty dresses and I love writing about them. So without further ado let's jump right into the top eight dresses worn at the 2015 Critics Choice Awards.

1. Angelina Jolie, she looks like she's one of the statues being handed out that evening. Shiny fabric hardly ever works on people, but damn Angie is pulling it off. Besides the fabric and colour I'm also a big fan of the cut. Very regal.
2. Leslie Mann, she did it again. Leslie looks fresh and sweet in this beaded number. The length is just perfect and the colour works lovely with her skin.
3. Diane Kruger, all over print is quite a daring thing to do (especially when the colour of your print is the same as the carpet) but Diane knows how to work daring thing. The strapless dress looks gorgeous on her tall frame.
4. Emily Blunt, I'm never a big fan of halter dresses, but the one Emily is wearing looks great. The different textures on this red dress are incredibly interesting and she looks gorgeous wearing it.

5. Julianne Moore, plunging neckline the conservative way. But it works. Dresses with long sleeves always deserve a plus in my book, and Julianne Moore looks great in this black one.
6. Brooke Anderson, I'll be honest I had to a little Google search to find out who she is, but that doesn't take away from the fact that she wore a gorgeous dress. The colours and the print work perfectly and it's nice seeing a fuller dress on the carpet again.
7. Amy Adams, can anyone tell me what colour this dress is? Because I can't find a way to appropriately describe it. It's incredibly gorgeous. The length is perfect on Amy and her hair and makeup are perfect and glamorous.
8. Felicity Jones, this girl has come a long way since I first saw her acting in 'Chalet Girl' (can I get a mmm for Ed Westwick in that flick?). She's getting countless nods this awards season and with right because The Theory of Everything is a brilliant film. This dress is lovely. I like how she sticks to a certain different style. She always sticks out from the rest of the attendees, and in this case it pays off.


  1. I love Emily Blunt's red dress, it looks stunning on her! I also really like Julianne Moore's choice - like you, I'm a fan of long sleeves! xo

  2. Angelina Jolie looks amazing in that dress, probably one of the only people that can pull off shiny fabric aha!

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