The Music I Love


Music is one of the most important things in my life. There is not one day that I don't pop in my earbuds and listen to some songs. Recently my life was enriched with a Crosley Executive turntable and I have been slowly building a collection of records that mean a lot to me. Today I'll tell you a little about my current favourite albums and which songs get the most playtime.

Clockwise, starting at the top left corner. 
Sam Smith - In The Lonely Hour 
Best songs: 
Like I can / I'm not the only one / 
Leave your lover / I've told you now

Best songs: 
Work song / Take me to church
Angel of small death & The Codeine Scene

Johnnyswim - Diamonds 
Best songs:
A Million Years / Pay Dearly

Ed Sheeran - X 
Best songs: 
Thinking Out Loud / Don't 
I see fire / The Man 

You can listen to the songs on Spotify here.

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