blue sparkles!




What does a young woman do when she wants light blue nails, but realises that... *shock horror* this nail polish addict does in fact not own a light blue nailpolish. How convenient, the nail polish addict does own a bright blue and a white polish.

Mix ALL the polish! This gorgeous color was mixed using Blue My Mind from H&M and Snow Motion! from Catrice. I also used a matte topcoat.

But then, I got bored. I wanted something else. A girl needs glitter in her life, right?! Cue the application of a clear coat, tipping a bottle of glitter all over the table and floor, then slowly tapping a little glitter over that freshly painted ring finger nail, and apply another layer of clear polish to seal the glitter.

Et voila! A tres chic manicure.

PS: This works with different polishes and color glitters as well! I'm going to the craft store soon to pick up a few extra colors. Or ebay. Ebay is a scary place. So long, chicks!

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