Catrice Ultimate Color: More Is More lipstick review + swatches


I'm incapable of walking into a drugstore without swatching away at the numerous bright lipsticks, and often there is a new pretty gem waiting for me to purchase and add to my ever growing pile of lip products.

Last week, while picking up the new Catrice nail polishes my eye fell upon more shiny 'new product' stickers in the lovely display. I wasn't over the moon about all the colors, but this one was certainly one I was willing to try. What a lovely bubblegum pink color.

The formule glides on beautifully and leaves a pretty healthy shine to your lips. The pigmentation could be a little better, but a few swipes of this product over your pucker and you are good to go.

It's a great lipstick for such a small price. Catrice lipsticks are sold at drugstores in the Netherlands (kruidvat) and all over Germany and the rest of Europe f0r €3,99

(smiling lip swatches are impossible. Also, not wearing any makeup besides the lipstick)

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