Holy mother of God, I found it!


I warn you, major product raving ahead. It was this week that I by accident picked up this little wonder from my favorite perfumery. I had run out of my trusty EOS lip balm sphere in Strawberry Sorbet and desperately needed a new lip moisturizing product. And the formula of the classic Labello just doesn't work for me. My lips need major moisturizing, considering I wear a lot of lipstick and at work I'm in a very dry environment while talking to guests a lot. 

I absolutely hate having dry, flaky lips. And that is exactly what happens if they are not moisturized 24/7. So after having drinks with my lovely colleagues, my lips needed a fresh coat of moisture. SHOCK HORROR. I unscrewed my little pink egg to find it bone dry and empty. Cue panic attack. 

Haha no, I'm not that bad. But I did jump at the chance to walk into the nearest Douglas I could find. I had seen the little Rosebud Salve tins on the checkout counter before. And because I didn't feel like browsing through the entire store for a new balm, I just grabbed the original version and went to the checkout. 

It was a little expensive for a lip balm. But... that's just it. It's not just a lip balm. Rosebud Salve is a multipurpose concotion of cotton oil and several essential oils, including rose oil. Besides using it as a lipbalm you can also use it to sooth burns, grazes and even dry frizzy hair can be tamed by this! I like rubbing it on cuticles that feel really dry. But it's an absolute wonder on the lips. It sinks in quickly and leaves my lips feeling lovely and smooth. The smell is a little icky but that fades quickly and it doesn't have a taste at all. 

I am in love with this little white and blue tin, and carry it with me everywhere I go. My colleagues used to laugh at me for toting around the EOS egg, and this tin is a little bit more of an accepted shape. But I'm still the lipbalm girl. I will DEFINITELY repurchase this baby. 

Rosebud Salve is sold online and in several beauty stores around the world. 
I got my tin from Douglas which sells them for €9,95


  1. O ja, rosebud gebruik ik ook! En je doet er heel lang mee, met 1 potje.


  2. i have been in love with this product for years!!!!!