My life in instagrams #3


1. coffee with a friend 2. finger candy on my way to a party in Doetinchem 3. Makeup for a party in Doetinchem, whipped out the falsies. It was such a good party that up until this day I haven't found the lashes again 4. Jazz in the Woods outfit. Mixing pleasure with work for school! 5. ANNY nail polish in Makeup 6. Subconciously bought all peach tinted products 7. Love love love this new shower cream 8. Zara changing room goodness 9. Signature makeup 10. My favorite flowers in the world 11. nail polish design with tape 12. the same design without the tape 13. finally recording again 14. adorable new iPhone case 15. new polish in the color of the night sky 16. gorgeous weather calls for popsicles!


17. classic red nails 18. snake skin pants are my fav 19. bright pink pumps for Ladies Night 20. cupcakes!
21. smokey eyes, nude lips. Not a very frequent combo for me 22. New Zara blazer is DIVINE 23. light pink nails 24. lilac top, me like 25. lilac ombre nails 26. SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS, AND MORE SHOTS PLEASE! 27. glowing nude smokey eye 28. gorgeous spike necklace 29. splatter nails 30. Mom fishtailed me. I have so much hair! 31. McNuggets, because you're worth it 32. I was bored. I made a pie.


33. breakfast 34. Hey boo! (Not the viking, it's a long story. We broke up and that's a really good thing) I was blind to the very amazing true feelings I'm having now. Slurp. 35. Smoothie time! 36. Nails inspired by Freddy Mercury 37. Holoooooooooo 38. Juice fest! 39. Turquoise heels, me like 40. Party outfit 41. Ice cream time 42. Life saver! 43. Spare ribs with colleagues 44. Soft waves in my ever growing hair 45. New amazing H&M shoes, expect a post soon 46. Tried a new hair mask, my hair feels so thick and lush 47. smokey eyemakup for work 48. summer perfume, it's lovely. Calvin Klein Eternity Aqua


49. Book haul 50. Bracelet that I wanted so bad. It was sold out at my local H&M but my boo went and got it for me! Thanks babe. 51. Playing with my super bright new Sleek palette 52. Colorful eyemakup 53. Smokey eyes for work, got sooooo many compliments. Thanks all you lovely people 54. Matte orange/red nails with golden flakes 55. Summer bronzed glow makeup 56. The book fair with thousands and thousands of book. It was a book-gasm.

Holy cow, I'm an instagram addict. Sorry for spamming with you with my oh so interesting life. I promise to make the next one shorter? I really like taking pictures of food, makeup, shoes, me, well... pretty much everything that I enjoy gets a picture snapped of it. Haha. Have a lovely weekend guys!

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