Sleek Ultra Mattes Brights Palette: REVIEW + SWATCHES

I finally jumped onto the Sleek bandwagon and purchased i-Divine palettes. I have seen so many amazing looks made with the affordable and original shades that Sleek makes. Today I am reviewing one of the two palettes I bought. The i-Divine Ultra Mattes Brights palette. Not too long ago Sleek released two new palettes which have all matte colors. 

I tend to enjoy matte shadows a little more, because they blend a little nicer onto the skin and they seem to appear a little more natural. But if you want a natural effect, you probably shouldn't go with this neon colored super bright set of twelve shadows. 

What is in the palette?
12 shadows that are 1.1 grams each. 9 of the shadows are super duper bright and 3 of them are more soft shades, pastel colors even. Swatches of these shadows are below.

from left to right
chill, pout, sugarlite, dragon fly, pucker, bamm!

Pretty damn good pigmentation on each of them. Chill, the light blue color, did need a little more pressure to get these results. But if you use a dense brush and apply it over a light base (for example NYX jumbo pencil in Milk) it will have proper amazing color payoff!

from left to right,
cricket, bolt, strike, floss, crete, pow!

This row was a little less amazing. Cricket, bolt and strike are the shit. I love love love love bolt. What a fantastic electric blue color, I can't wait to use this in a look. But floss, crete and pow! aren't my thing. The color payoff is disappointig. But if you use them over a white base they will be a lot better, still, that shouldn't have to be required.

Overall, an amazeballs palette. Really happy with my purchase. I'm looking forward to using these shadows in looks, and will start to play with them when I have time after tomorrow's last midterm. I purchased this palette from the Dutch website Enchantra for €8,49.

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