Inglot AMC Cream Blush review

Inglot AMC Cream Blush in 80

"Don't take me to the back of this store," I said to my friend Mitchel as we walked into a department store a few days ago. "That's where they keep the magic." Of course, I am like a moth to a flame, a shopaholic to a sale, a magnet to... another magnet, and found myself drooling over the colorful Inglot counter before I even realised what was going on. Inglot is a Polish brand with so many amazing things. I am particularly fond of their freedom system eyeshadows for they are very good value for the amount of product that you get, and the pigmentation and staying power is also phenomenal.

I'm on a bit of a blush binge lately. I am obsessed with finding lovely blushes that make me look fresh and awake. I'm kind of keeping the dark eyeliner and bright lips at bay and going for a more natural professional look. Boy, am I getting old or what? Back to what I was talking about. Blushes. Particularly cream blushes are floating my boat. Cream blushes look a little more natural and are easier to wear, in my opinion. I also know some people that cannot get on with cream blush at all, so I guess it's a personal thing.

Inglot has a stunning range of shades in their cream blush collection. And I found it very, very, very hard not to go and buy way too many of them. Instead I settled for a soft pink color that goes perfectly with my pale skin.


The pot isn't too deep, which makes it pretty easy to get your fingers or brush into it to get the right amount of product. The sample in the store had been lying open for sometime, because it felt rather dry and difficult to blend. But the product that I ended up buying and using at home was the complete opposite. It's creamy and silky and easily transfers from your fingers onto your cheeks. You don't need to press into the pot at all. Just lightly rubbing your fingers across the surface delivers enough pigment for one cheek.

I smile lightly and put a few small dots onto the apple of my cheek and then dot whatever is left on my fingers upwards towards my temple. I find that this creates the most natural looking flush on my cheeks. However this might vary for different face shapes and structures.

I blend with my fingers. I prefer fingers with cream blush, because the warmth of your fingers makes the product easier to blend because it gets slightly more liquid-y.

The product definitely is a cream to powder finish. It blends into your skin seamlessly and it doesn't feel like there is anything sticky laying on your cheeks. This also makes the product last forever and a day on my skin. The skin on my face is a little on the dry side this week. Probably to the abrupt changes in climate we're going through. It will look even more amazing when my skin is back to its usual self.

Long story short. The Inglot AMC cream blush in the shade 80 is amazing and supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Best part? This beauty is going to last you forever and it will only cost you €14. Thank you very much Inglot, for yet another amazing product.

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