Outfit: Gray Maxi Skirt


It's been forever since I last shared an outfit post with you guys. Partyl due to the fact that taking outfit pictures by yourself is an incredible challenge. My boyfriend Mike has promised to help me with it, for my new camera should really be amazing in taking pictures outside. Today I accepted a challenge and built a tower out of cabinets, boxes and books to take advantage of the gorgeous light flooding through my bedroom windows.

I'm about to jump on my bike to ride into town. I'm going out to dinner with my mister. Hope he isn't too shocked by my choice of wardrobe. He hasn't seen me in a maxi skirt before. Anyway, we're having sushi so he'll be distracted by the abundance of food before he even registers my clothing..

What I am wearing
H&M blazer | HM tank top | Maxi from eBay



  1. I really like that blazer. May I just add, that I'm so jealous of your hair... I love the colour and haircut.

    Miri xx

  2. Thanks Miri! This is one of the first times I like my hair as well. Just wish it had just a bit more volume.