The Peachy Post

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As of late one particular shade is rocking my world. Last spring it was mint green (I have multiple nail lacquers, blazers and even pants to prove this) and this spring I constantly gravitate towards peach. Besides being predominantly visible in my everyday makeup routine the love for the fruity shade is also seen in my nail polish, my accessories and even my shower!

fltr W7 Sheer Peach | Essence Alpha Better Gamma | Essie Camera

Of course I have to fall in love with a nail polish shade that was in a limited edition last October. Gorgeous polish with no chance of getting a back-up. It's your beauty nightmare come true. It's the second shade right here on the nail polish wheel. It's a little more towards pink, but against my skin tone it definitely looks peach.

MAC Melba blush

This blush has basically not left my cheeks since I purhcased it two weeks ago. It was something that I really didn't need, but really wanted nonetheless. The lovely woman at the MAC counter helped me try on loads of blushes until I found my favorite one. I was so sick that day, I really needed a pick-me-up! The blush gives a lovely healthy glow to my cheeks, but still remains naturally looking. I adore it!

I think I even have a pair of peach colored pants, which I wore a lot last summer. Shame the weather is so horrid and cold outside. I want spring to happen already. Do you have a favorite color that keeps coming back in your everyday life? 


  1. Love this post, peach is my favourite makeup colour:) x

  2. Melba is my favourite blush since August, I use it every day...
    I'm dreaming about this YSL lipstick :-)