New In: Sneaker Wedges

Isabel Marant struck gold with her sneaker/heel hybrid shoe. All around the world girls are cheering because they can look cool, tall and fashionable while maintaining something important.. comfort. Available in loads of colors and making you look infintely cool. But carrying a steep price tag of about $400 and seemingly sold out forever, the Isabel Marant wedge sneakers were way out of my league.

The Isabel Marant Bekket wedge sneaker
$395 at Net-a-Porter

Luckily, major brands and shoe stores caught on to the fashion hype and started creating their own versions. To say I was less than impressed with the first round of remakes is a bit of an understatement. Most of the pairs that were put on the market were highly exagerated and just looked cheap.

But about a week ago I ran into this pair on a major shoe chain's website and fell in love. To me, these are super similar to the Isabel Marant Bekket shoe. I tried them on in the store and they fit like a glove. And the most amazing part, they are super comfortable. It's like walking on clouds.

And now for the best part. This designer shoe duplicate is, drumroll... less than thirty euros! I didn't even think twice before going to the checkout. Which caused some disappointment in the girl who was watching me like a hawk as I tried on the last pair. You snooze you lose. Que evil laughter.

So as I am writing this I am enjoying my brand spanking new super cool shoes. Excuse me while I go walk on clouds.

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