What's in my bag

The kind of video I thoroughly enjoy watching. All the time. Seriously, when a What's in my bag video pops up in my subscription box I immediately watch it. It must be the journalist in me, forever curious. But without further adue, here is my version of the What's in my bag video.

My bag is a dupe or replica of a prada bag. I got it from eBay, because I'm secretly a bargain hunter/extreme couponer. It was about twenty-five euros. Which is an amazing price for such a good quality bag. When I carry it with me I always get compliments on it. It fits plenty of stuff so that I can tote it around to school, and still have room for an abundance of candy food.

I actually carry quite a few things that I never use. I should clean out more often. 

Hope you enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!

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