Mini Haul in Pictures


Payday means shop day, at least in the world of Kelly. I went for much needed to trip to rekindle my beauty love with all things high end. Even I know that splurging on a ton of items I don't need is not neccessarily the most mindful thing to do, so some restraint was needed.

Mother and me firstly went to purchase a birthday present for my niece who's celebrating her first birthday this Sunday. But of course we were distracted and had our makeup done, and bought more things we didn't need.

The only thing that was left out of my detailed pictures, is the sweater in the back. Which is from H&M, has a gorgeous gray, white and black structured fabric and some silver spiked studs over the shoulders and the chest area. It's so pretty and it was only €19,95.

First is the Douglas Luminous eye gel. Douglas has this really great skin care system where everything they do is in two sizes. Perfect for your purse, on holiday, or when you just want a smaller size to give the product a test run before purchasing a gallon. I went for this small tube of eye gel. This gel is supposed to cool and moisturize, depuff eyes and make your peepers look less fatigued.This 10ml tube was €6,95. Great price to give something a test run.


Next is the Lumi Magique highlighting concealer. I'm already a massive fan of the LM foundation. And when I saw someone using this -in Get Ready With Me-video I literally yelled at my iPad that I had to have it. So because the store was having a special offer with 20% off on most makeup brands, it was a perfect opportunity to give it a whirl. 


Anastasia Mini Brow Kit caught my eye when I was at check out. This 3 piece brow kit with all the Anastasia essentials was already reduced from €26 to €12,50 and with the special offer another discount was taken off. A really good price for Anastasia items. The kit comes with a really nice mini tweezer, great for touching up brows on the go. A little Anastasia matte highlighter and a clear brow gel. I'm really looking forward to using these items.

Last but definitely not least is the Bobbi Brown skin foundation. I had been looking for brand new foundation to satisfy my makeup lemming needs. The Bobbi Brown brand was sadly excluded from the offer but I had the wonderful sales lady match me anyway. Upon seeing this amazing foundation on my skin I knew I had to purchase it. A more detailed post will be online soon, pinky promise! 

So that's it... for today. I can't promise I won't show up with a basket full of new things soon. 


  1. Very excited for a full post on the Bobbi Brown foundation xx

  2. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on the Bobbi brown foundation.