Nails: simplicity is key


 Considering the fact that I did a 30 day nail challenge last year, which was intense and challenging and really stretched my nail art limits about as far as they can go. My nails have been surprisingly void of anything 'arty' since then. Apart from the occassional sprinkle of glitter for a special event or party, creamy colors are a must. 

One of my favorite looks is the 'white-out' nail. Remember when you were in school, age around ten years old, and you were left alone with a bottle of white out and decided to give yourself a manicure? No? Just me? Anyway, a plain white creme polish looks amazing to me. It looks great against my skintone and matches with any bit of jewelry I am to wear on my fingers. 

To jazz it up a little, add a little oomph.. A thin silver strip of striping tape. Fresh from the vast realm of eBay. My favorite destination for anything nail art related. It's simple and perfect. Just like I enjoy it.

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