The Holiday Series: Shoes and Bags


What is it about shoes and bags that makes them so different to photograph? Or it could just be me and seriously lacking photography skills. The last part in the holiday series has arrived, and it's accessories. I decided not to show you all the fashion items that I am taking with me on holiday. Because I intend to take full advantage of having Mr. Mike around for a week, which means... outfit photographs! Sorry dude, I know you read these posts, so you should be prepared.

I think the only area I am slightly over packing in is this area. Admittedly, four pair of heels and four bags aren't exactly necessary. But since I've been such a good girl with my outfit packing, I felt like I could exaggerate. If only just a little.

The Zara Office City bag is the perfect hand luggage size. Big and roomy and with plenty of compartments for me to lose my passport in. Plus it has padded cases for laptops and iPads. I've decided to only take my iPad with me, and I have scheduled a few posts so there won't be too much silence from me while I am gone.

Clutches are a girl's best friend when it comes to outfit accessorizing. One in black, one in a neutral shade of pink. A small cross body bag in a nice color for just the necessities, and I just love the stud detailing going on right here.

Black heeled sandals have been the it shoes of the last three fashion seasons. I own the iconic Zara ones and it pains me to say that the above pictured dupes from Primark are just a lot more comfortable.

I saw the white heeled sandals in the Zara sale and I caved. I just had to have them. I have only worn them around the house and I will give them their real debut on the gorgeous scenery in Port El Kantaoui.

Nude pumps. No further explanation needed. Okay, well maybe I need to explain the slightly grunge looking sticker inside my shoe. My parents did something interesting when creating me, they made one foot shorter than the other. Without the little sticker this shoe doesn't fit my foot right, and it just flops around.

I saw these blue low heel sandals in the Primark store in Essen about two weeks ago. They're so gorgeous, and cheap. The perfect everyday heel. The cobalt blue color looks great with both white and black and the metal details on the straps add a certain little extra. Long story short, I'm in love.

But what about flats, you might say? Well of course I have packed them. But let's be honest, flats just don't count.

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