The Java Rice Powder by Bourjois


I am a sucker for great packaging, and vintage packaging is even better. In celebration of the brand's 150th birthday, Bourjois has re-released and reformulated their first ever bestseller, the Java Rice Powder. Originally released in 1879 the powder. Back then it came in four shades and provided white and 'flawlessly youthful' complexions for the ladies of the late nineteenth century. 

Now packaged in a mint colored plastic container with the vintage sticker and a little screw lid inside to distribute the product. The powder itself has the same scent as their little round pots of blush. It has a slightly pinkish tint that goes unnoticed on the skin. It smooths out skin and makes it feel beautifully soft. 

The finely milled loose powder adds a gorgeous glow where applied. I'd suggest you only use this on the high points on your face or with an extremely light hand, otherwise things can get a bit too glowy. A great powder that can be doubled as both finishing powder and highlighter. And I always love a bit of makeup history. 

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  1. This powder is amazing! Just bought it yesterday and I'm in love <3 Smells lovely, love ''dewy'' finishes and love the old-school but new packaging. Hope it'll stay permanent :)
    Btw, cute blog!