The Monday Mani #4


This week's color is Essie's Recessionista. Featured in last year's autumn collection, making it perfect for a fall inspired manicure. This is a nice deep purple that dries into an incredibly shiny finish. No topcoat necessary (of course you can add one if you want your manicure to last longer). It's a gorgeous vampy color that looks great on paler skins.

Considering I've been using the Mani Monday as a recap of my week, I decided to add a little something into the mix. I'm nixing the instagram collages every couple of weeks, and I'm adding the instagram pictures I took last week into Mani Monday.

 The chicest flats in all the land Zara | Simple face for editor's meeting | Working on the layout of my article | On my way to train a team halfway across the country. Two and a half hour train rides require coffee | Enjoying a tennis match in the sun | Handbag essentials for a day on the editor's floor | Sorry thighs. Mom made ricotta and lemon curd cakes | My digital subscription of Allure came in. So in love with this magazine | White hot nails and mixed metals

Our first magazine is at the printer's right now. I'll be holding it in my hand this week, so unreal. Since we finished our mandatory magazine we now get to create our very first original. It's a magazine focusing on the theme 'adrenaline'. We'll be doing features on people that are involved in extreme sports, a 'crazy stories' feature on a kleptomaniac and so many more awesome things. I am so looking forward to working with my editorial team on this brand new original magazine that we're building from scratch. 

I hope you will have a fabulous week, love! 

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