The Monday Mani #3


This week's manicure is Gosh's Crispy Coral. I was in need of something light and fresh to counteract the dramatic week I have had. My dad's accident, busting out my knee and the exhausting workload. Positivity is essential to keep my head clear and focused.

The reddish coral lifts my skin tone and sets of great against my predominantly monochrome wardrobe. It's the pop of color that really defines a look. Gosh has some nice on trend colors, and their formulas are good as well. They also make the best matte top coat in the world. It's important to clean the bottle's nozzle to maintain a proper close. Not closing your nail polish can result in the formula thickening and the polish becoming useless.

I'm not sure if I'll keep this colour throughout the week. Our magazine is in its printing week. So we're just finalizing our articles, gathering the images and preparing for the final stretch before it goes to the printers. No official interviews and looking presentable this week, but still, it might be a little too in your face for appearing 'under the radar' this week.

I'm just finishing up a feature on the ten essential items for reporters, writers and bloggers, so I'll get back to work. Have a lovely week, guys!

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