The Review: Essence Stay Matt Lip Creams




They're matte and they're beautiful. The essence stay matte lip creams. These have been in essence's collection since january, and I waited until now to pick them up. I like matte products, and long lasting products, and products with great colors. And apparently essence managed to put it all in a tube for under two euros. Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it?

Well, it isn't. These lip creams come in four different shades. Beside these two there is a brownish nude and a berry red. I thought these two colors were the prettiest. They come packaged in a clear plastic tube with silver cap. The applicator is nothing too fancy, just your average doe-foot applicator. But it works perfectly, navigating it around your lip is easy and the product glides on easily. 

The formula is quite thick but spreads nicely. It coats your lips in a single thin coat. You're left with a good matte finish, but the best part, your lips don't feel dry at all! In example, MAC's matte finish lipsticks are a pain to apply, and then leave your lips feeling dehydrated. There's none of that with this lip cream. 

They last a good four hours on the lips, granted you don't wolf down a giant plate of pasta pesto. (Yes, that would be me.) During this time my lips never felt like they needed some lip balm.

01. Velvet Rose

I love this color. It's the perfect peachy pink. A my lips but better, and matte, kind of color. A color that looks great with many different makeup looks. 


Silky red is a pretty, bright red shade. Not too revolutionary but the matte finish gives it a nice edge. 

My final verdict on these: if essence sells near you, and you don't already own these, buy them. Seriously, they're fantastic. And if you needed me to mention it again, they're €1,99. That's practically for free. 

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